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Thermal Imaging

Leaking Bedroom Ceilings, Interior Roof Surveys and A/C Unit Problems

Leaking Bedroom Ceiling
Leaking Bedroom Ceiling Thermal Imaging of Ceiling
The thermogram clearly shows a leaking bedroom ceiling. The leak was assumed by the owner to originate in an upstairs marble-paneled bathroom in the $3 million home. The estimated cost to rip out and replace the marble to access the plumbing was estimated at $80,000! Further IR investigation absolved the bathroom and traced the source of the leak to a clogged weep hole under the threshold of a door leading to an upstairs porch.

Moisture in Ceiling
Interior Roof Survey Thermal Imaging of Roof
Interior infrared survey conducted during daytime hours reveals central area saturated with moisture and in need of immediate repair.

A/C Unit Problem
A/C Unit Problems Thermal Imaging of A/C Unit
A/C unit overheated and shut down after running for aproximately 30 min. After visual inspection from ground level maintenance was unable to pin-point trouble, a decision was made to use infrared thermography to determine the reason for overheating. After taking a thermal image of the A/C unit, it was determined that there was excessive heat build-up at the connection of the HI pressure line to the condenser. This in turn created excessive pressure in the compressor causing the overtemp switch to kick off. Visual inspection verified there was a crushed HI pressure tube at the condenser.
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